Decreasing checkout times to increase sales

Find out how the UK’s leading online flooring specialist decreased checkout times by 75%.

Great flooring is the foundation of any beautiful home. But flooring is pricey, and trips to different home improvement stores can be a hassle. Flooring SuperStore aims to change that by selling flooring online instead of in physical stores.

Flooring SuperStore was formed in 2012 in Shildon, UK. The company has experienced exceptional growth from its beginnings, increasing revenue to £18.5 million ($23.5 million) and adding staff from 12 to 90 employees. The company now offers a wide range of high-quality flooring from carpet to vinyl—and even artificial grass.

To give its customers a seamless experience, Flooring SuperStore built its business on the Magento e-commerce platform and added Amazon Pay as a third-party payment option. Andrew Kennedy, Commerce Manager at the company, believes Amazon Pay is improving customer confidence. “Having Amazon on our site adds an extra level of security and trust, which is especially important as we build our brand.”

“We have seen increased conversions and increased sales. The benefits of Amazon Pay just seem to add up.”

- Andrew Kennedy, Commerce Manager, Flooring Superstore

Customers who choose Amazon Pay at checkout can buy flooring quickly without having to type their payment or address information. “Previously, customers would have to enter all their details,” says Kennedy, “whereas with Amazon Pay, the information is already there—reducing checkout times from two or three minutes to 30 seconds or less. It’s so much less time-consuming.”

With a faster checkout experience, Flooring SuperStore has boosted conversion rates by 44%. The increase in conversions is especially noticeable for mobile sales. “We’ve seen a massive shift from desktop to mobile,” adds Kennedy. “Amazon Pay has made the mobile experience seamless.”

Higher conversion rates has paid off for Flooring SuperStore, with a 10% year-over-year bump in revenue since adding Amazon Pay. Now, buying flooring online is not only easy—it saves time.

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