Building your own branded web store is easier than ever

Amazon’s new collaboration with Adobe is giving Amazon Sellers incredibly powerful tools to grow their business

If you have products on, you know how simple it is to sell through Amazon. For many businesses, however, making the leap to their own online shop can appear daunting – the cost, time, and expertise required to build, market, and manage a successful web store is nothing to scoff at.

For growing businesses and brands, we’ve got some good news. Amazon has teamed up with Adobe to offer Amazon Sellers a remarkably easy, yet incredibly powerful, suite of tools to build and operate their own branded web store.

Magento Commerce offers the opportunity to easily launch an ecommerce site that’s designed for fast page load times, high conversions, and the ability to scale for peak shopping times (hello Cyber Monday).

The suite of tools and features in Magento Commerce empower merchants to create a unique shopping experience from more than 4,800 extensions within the Magento Marketplace.

Merchant tools like Amazon Pay are fully integrated in Magento Commerce as part of the pre-bundled extension, allowing millions of Amazon customers to pay for products and services using the information already stored in their Amazon account. That also means merchants won’t spend extra time setting up an alternative payment. Thanks to Amazon Pay’s collaboration with Magento, it’s possible to offer customers the same secure payment experience as with just a few clicks.

The Magento Amazon Sales Channel feature enables you to fulfill your own orders, use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or a combination of both to get orders into your customers’ hands. Make sure customers are never left waiting for their purchases. You can streamline your inventory management across your branded site and Amazon store with a single commerce dashboard tracking all orders, which means inventory and price are always up-to-date. And Magento Commerce is backed up by the reliability and security of Amazon Web Services, providing an environment that’s safe and designed to handle sudden surges in traffic.

And with flexible architectures, every merchant can find the option that fits both their budget and their business.

If you want to learn more about making the leap from Amazon Seller to having your own branded web store, download the eBook A Guide to Building a Branded Web Store for Successful Amazon Sellers from Adobe. You’ll find actionable tips on creating an exceptional shopping experience as well as building a successful branded store.

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