BigCommerce merchants praise Amazon Pay

Learn how Amazon Pay improves the customer experience for BigCommerce Merchants.

If you’re looking to learn more about the benefits of Amazon Pay, and why it’s proven to be such an effective solution for both countless merchants and hundreds of millions of customers, a recent blog post from BigCommerce, one of Amazon Pay’s premier partners, does a great job of illuminating just that.

Not only does BigCommerce effectively explain the nuts and bolts of how Amazon Pay works, but it highlights testimonials from a wide swathe of merchants who describe the positive results Amazon Pay has driven for their businesses.

Customers are looking for a streamlined checkout experience and with so many online shoppers already having their credit card information stored within their Amazon account, offering this simple and secure pay option was a no-brainer,

- Chris Regan, Director of Customer Happiness at PlayBetter, explained.

“Implementation was painless,” Serious Shops Co-President Adam Moore said, “really, not much more than the flip of a switch. We inserted the button at all entry points to the checkout process and we added our bank details via our Amazon Pay merchant account. Each day, Amazon Pay automatically funds our account.”

“We see lots of customers checkout with Amazon Pay, especially new customers,” Mountain Crest Gardens Vice President Matts Jopson explains. “There’s plenty of positive feedback in our Shopper Approved reviews about how convenient it was to use Amazon to check out. Over 15% of our 2018 orders used Amazon Pay.”

And BigCommerce have maintained a great relationship with Amazon Pay. “BigCommerce shares our commitment to helping retailers grow sales and attract new customers,” Patrick Gauthier, Vice President of Amazon Pay, said. “Through this integration, BigCommerce merchants can easily integrate Amazon Pay and reach Amazon customers that have come to value a personalized, trusted and familiar buying experience.”

You can read the full write-up from BigCommerce right here.