Amazon Pay amps up VOLT Lighting’s business

VOLT Lighting reports a significant improvement in their conversion rate with Amazon Pay.

VOLT Lighting: Professional grade landscape lighting at factory direct low prices, backed by lifetime warranty, fast shipping, and outstanding customer support

VOLT Lighting was founded in 2008 to sell professional grade light-emitting diode (LED) landscape lighting products to businesses and homeowners at factory direct prices. In-house lighting experts design its products. VOLT Lighting stays abreast with innovation trends in the lighting industry and invests in cutting-edge technology to bolster its design and manufacturing capabilities.

VOLT Lighting differentiates itself not only on low prices but also on customer satisfaction. It ships products to 85% of customers in the United States within two days.1 Its customer support representatives are experts in the lighting industry and are available by phone seven days a week. Its quality products, no-hassle lifetime warranties, and knowledgeable support have inspired thousands of five-star customer reviews.

Business challenge: Reducing customer friction and cart abandonment, boosting conversion rate

VOLT Lighting’s primary challenge has been to keep pace with its rapid growth over the past decade and continually improve the user experience on its e-commerce website, which it relaunched in 2017. It realized that it could reduce friction on its website and increase purchase conversion by offering Amazon Pay as a payment option. It not only prioritized integrating Amazon Pay but also used that opportunity to incorporate other cart and checkout optimizations.

As we considered ways to improve our cart and checkout experiences, adding Amazon Pay was an easy decision because it’s very mobile-friendly, seemingly everyone who shops online has an Amazon account. In addition, Amazon as a brand is so trusted. Leveraging Amazon Pay to provide our customers greater confidence and convenience in checkout made total sense to us.

– Matthew Rehm, E-commerce Manager

The clear technical documentation that Amazon Pay provided made VOLT Lighting’s integration a breeze. Its customers could now use their trusted Amazon login, and the payment information stored in their Amazon account, to seamlessly purchase landscape lighting.

Business impact: More new customers, improved purchase conversion, improved customer satisfaction

VOLT Lighting observed positive results immediately after launching its cart and checkout enhancements, highlighted by the introduction of Amazon Pay. According to VOLT Lighting, their number of sessions proceeding to checkout increased by 51% in the 30 days post Amazon Pay adoption when compared to the 30 days pre-adoption. This 51% was driven primarily by a sharp 85% increase in mobile sessions proceeding to checkout. Similarly, VOLT Lighting reported that the conversion rate improved by 52%; also driven primarily by mobile that grew 91%. That is significant considering that mobile sessions exceeded desktop sessions for VOLT Lighting for the first time in Q1 2019. In fact, one of VOLT Lighting’s priorities had been to improve its customers’ mobile shopping experience. Amazon Pay was a step towards achieving this mobile shopping goal. Overall, not only were visitors to the online store progressing farther in their purchase journey, they were also completing purchases at a higher rate. VOLT Lighting also observed that new visitors to the website increased by 44% year-over-year in the 30 days post Amazon Pay adoption. All these improvements have been organic, with no promotion of Amazon Pay. VOLT Lighting now plans to promote Amazon Pay to its customers to build on these encouraging results.

VOLT Lighting’s engagement with Amazon Pay has not only resulted in a positive business impact but has also delighted customers.

Our analytics indicate Amazon Pay has reduced our cart and checkout abandonment, especially on mobile. Beyond those numbers, what is exciting is the positive feedback our customer support team has heard when Amazon Pay comes up in a conversation. Our customers say they have noticed Amazon Pay is now available and are choosing to use it because it is secure and convenient. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so it’s gratifying to hear that Amazon Pay has been so well-received

– Matthew Rehm, E-commerce Manager

With customer obsession as a guiding principle at VOLT Lighting and Amazon Pay, this association is only bound to grow.

Website: https://www.voltlighting.com/

1 All orders placed by 5 PM ET Monday-Friday ship the same day and 85% of customers in the United States receive their packages within two days, using standard ground shipping.