4 tips to delight the connected consumer

Reference these tactics and strategies for connecting with the next generation of shoppers.

Today, more than 60% of all shopping journeys have a digital component, for research, discovery, or transaction – and that share is expected to grow at a rate three times that of in-store sales1. Consumers are more connected than ever before, and they expect your brand to be accessible wherever they are.

But how can you provide a seamless experience in today’s rapidly evolving retail environment? Here are four tips to help you connect with shoppers in a multi-touch world.

1. Always think multichannel.

The future of shopping is device and channel agnostic, which means the traditional sales funnel has begun to look more like a maze. It’s essential to engage at every step of the customer journey, across devices and formats. Enable this multichannel approach by empowering customers to start and finish where they need to – even if that means exploring a site on their mobile device, starting checkout using Alexa, and completing their purchase on your website.

2. Reduce information friction for your customers.

56% of customers worldwide expect to find whatever they need from a company in three clicks or less, and 68% would rather use self-service channels for simple question2. Simply using voice to ask a question and receiving relevant information immediately offers a significantly better customer experience than clicking through web pages. Ease of use and speed are key drivers of voice commerce adoption, offering retailers a simple yet powerful way to make their customers’ lives simpler through an intuitive voice interface.

3. Consumer trust is not optional.

Consumers believe trust and security are a “must-have”, not a “nice-to-have”. Third-party checkout options are an effective tool for increasing trust in retailers’ security. Because trusted checkout options provide fraud detection and prevention, both customers and merchants can find peace of mind, knowing that they will be protected should something go wrong.

4. Don’t waste their time.

Empowered with tools to help them save time, today’s connected consumers are increasingly conscious of being “time-poor” – unwilling to deal with unnecessary obstacles in order to make a purchase. Offering a guest checkout option at purchase creates a seamless, quick experience. Third-party payment options with autofill and login functionality can be a great tool to convert customers who might be turned off by creating yet another account.

Download this pdf for ten best practices on engaging with connected consumers.

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