10in20: Ways to delight the next generation of connected consumers

10 ways to reach the next generation of connected customers. All in 20 minutes.

Originally posted 10/16/19

Connectivity is more pervasive and more diversified than ever, thanks to the ubiquity of Internet of Things devices, voice user interfaces, virtual and augmented reality along with increasingly powerful mobile devices. Today’s connected consumers are using all of those channels to discover, research, and purchase products. And they expect your brand to be accessible wherever they are.

So how can you ensure that you’re able to delight these connected customers? This 10in20 webinar is focused on reaching a new and fast growing segment of customers – the connected consumer.

What is 10in20?

It’s a monthly series where we cover one topic in 10 questions, points, or ideas, and we do it in 20-minutes or less. Why so short? We recognize your time is precious; we have condensed our thought leadership webinar series from the typical hour into 20 minutes.

10 ways delight the connected consumer

Here’s a recap of the main points from our webinar:

  • Enable brand discovery wherever your customers are. Identify where your target audience is spending their time and attention, then insert your brand at the intersection of those touchpoints, evolving your brand message through different media, calls-to-action, and education.
  • Always think multichannel. The future of shopping is device and channel agnostic.
  • Be an early adopter in AI-powered experiences. Consider creating an Alexa Skill for customers who want to learn more about your offerings, or for placing orders and re-ordering products.
  • Reduce information friction for your customers. Ease of use and speed are key drivers of voice commerce adoption, offering retailers a simple yet powerful way to make their customers’ lives simpler through an intuitive voice interface.
  • Consumer trust is not optional. Because trusted checkout options provide fraud detection and prevention, both customers and merchants can find peace of mind, knowing that they will be protected should something go wrong.
  • Anticipate customers’ needs before they do. Leverage data and shopper insights around channel preferences, product affinities, and life moments to personalize your communications with customers,
  • Make innovation part of your brand. Take a look technologies that allow you to create an innovative voice-first customer experiences.
  • Get some references. Stay connected with your current customers will help you connect with new ones.
  • Stand for something. Wear your true values on your proverbial sleeve. Your values give customers an emotional connection to your brand.
  • Don’t waste their time. Connected consumers are conscious of being “time-poor” – unwilling to deal with unnecessary obstacles in order to make a purchase.


A few questions answered by our feature speakers, Leah Holzman (Amazon Pay), Peter Sheldon (Magento).

Q: As a Magento merchant, how can I integrate Amazon Pay into my checkout?

Peter: If you are already using Magento, it’s super easy. Go to Magento’s marketplace where we have all of our extensions to find Amazon Pay. Download the extension and install it on your site. We’ve done all the heavy lifting, so all you need to do is configure Amazon Pay to incorporate it into your checkout process.

Q: How can I get started creating multi-channel experiences that appeal to the next generation of connected consumers.

Leah: If you are already online and you’ve setup your web and mobile experience, then your next move could be voice, trying out Alexa Delivery Notifications as a simple way to extend your commerce experience to a new, innovative channel. If you haven’t setup or optimized your mobile experience, start with mobile first if you are looking to expand beyond web and brick and mortar. Then look for ways to add voice into that overall experience.

Q: How can branded stores help me if I already sell on Amazon?

Peter: If you are already selling on Amazon and don’t have your own branded .com site, the branded stores solution from Magento where we’ve teamed up with Amazon Pay and AWS is a fantastic way to experiment with your own online store. If you want to learn more, go to Magento.com and contact us for more information.

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