10 ways to convert traffic into customers

Check out these 10 strategies to convert site visitors to customers, from making a good first impression to re-targeting prospects.

In the overcrowded world of modern ecommerce, it’s a huge feat simply getting potential shoppers to your site in the first place. But it’s a dangerous mistake to assume your products will sell themselves. Unless you’re continually optimizing your visitors’ digital experience, all your efforts to get customers in the door will prove to be an expensive waste.

According to a new eMarketer study, the conversion rate across the worldwide ecommerce market is shockingly low—just 1.91%.[1] So don’t waste any more time falling into common traps that can prevent your business from turning visitors into customers. Our Paytalks webinar, available on-demand, walks you through 10 ways your company can beat the odds and improve conversions among customers visiting your site.

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[1] eMarketer, Retail Ecommerce Conversion Rates, June 2020
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