10 growth tactics and digital techniques to boost sales

Download our 24-page e-book highlighting 10 digital growth strategies that 10 Amazon Pay retailers around the globe are using to simplify and grow their business.

At Amazon Pay we’re lucky enough to work with some of the world’s smartest merchants, across a variety of verticals and regions. One thing unites all of these businesses - a commitment to experimenting with tools, techniques, and solutions to find new customers and delight returning ones.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t pass on some of the stand out strategies our merchants have been using to improve sales, drive growth, and create delightful customer experiences, so we’ve compiled a 20+ page e-book highlighting 10 digital growth strategies that Amazon Pay retailers from the US to Europe are using to bolster their business.

We’ve provided a sneak peak of the merchants we’ve highlighted and the focus of their success below:

  1. TheStreet – Experiment with pricing strategies to deliver the right experience at the right time.
  2. – Amplify your voice with co-branded content.
  3. Ridge Wallet – Gauge the value of sweepstakes for your shoppers.
  4. Overclockers – Make account creation a breeze.
  5. London Theatre Direct – Delight your customers with new technologies and experiences.
  6. Engelhorn – Engage your customers with content marketing.
  7. Thomann – Let data guide your product decisions.
  8. Brooklinen – Target your ads with razor precision.
  9. – Focus on how your customers want to engage with you.
  10. MVMT – Let your community be your advocate.

Download the full e-book, 10 digital growth strategies from retailers worldwide, to start incorporating new techniques from businesses on the cutting edge of retail.