For many, the holiday season is a time for parties, family, and friends. For small business owners the holiday season is typically a three-month marathon filled with anxieties about sales targets, website optimization, and inventory management.

That’s why we’ve assembled the Small Business Startup Kit, a collection of ebooks, research papers, tip sheets, and infographics that will help you have a big impact on your small business during the end-of-year rush.

Inside, you’ll find a bevy of actionable insights and minor changes that can have an oversized impact on your small business. But’s it’s not all small stuff – we’ve also included insights into Amazon’s customer-obsessed business practices, where the customer forms the centerpiece of every decision that we make.  

The Small Business Startup Kit contains:

  • 10 tips to get your small business ready for the holiday (14 page ebook)
  • Customer obsession 101: 8 ways to keep customers coming back (11 page ebook)
  • Customer obsession 101: Attracting the right customers (23 page ebook)
  • 10 digital growth strategies from retailers around the world (24 page ebook)
  • 5 questions to stay customer obsessed (1 page article)
  • 5 ways to optimize for mobile (1 page infographic)
  • 5 more ways to optimize for mobile (1 page infographic)
  • 2019 Amazon small business impact report (12 page report)
  • Baymard Mobile optimization report (17 page report)
  • Glossary of terms (60 page document)

While we here at Amazon Pay can’t guarantee that these resources will turn the holidays into a winter wonderland, it should go a long way to helping you and your business feel confident that you’re making the most of this consumer frenzy.

You can download the kit right here.

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