The Amazon Pay API section helps you to process payments for purchases made by buyers on your website using the Amazon Pay service. This API section enables you to programmatically retrieve shipping and payment information provided by the buyer from their Amazon account. It allows you to authorize, capture, and refund payments, enabling a variety of payments scenarios.

Note: The Amazon Pay API section is only applicable to payments made through the Amazon Pay service offered by Amazon Pay Europe. You cannot use this API section to process payments for Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Webstore, or Checkout by Amazon.

Using the Amazon Pay API section of Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS), you can:

  • Create and manage a limited representation of an order, hereafter referred to as an order reference or Order Reference object, through the Amazon Pay service. With an order reference, you can:
    • Obtain shipping information from the buyer so you can calculate shipping charges and tax.
    • Set the amount, description, and other optional information for the order.
    • Confirm the order after the buyer has finished placing an order on your website.
    • Cancel the order at the request of either the buyer or yourself.
    • Close the order after it has been processed and completed.
  • Programmatically authorize, capture, and refund money for purchases made by the buyer at your website.

For more information about integrating your website with the Amazon Pay product, see the Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon integration guide.

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