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Using Seller Central

Seller Central is the website you use to view and manage your orders that use Checkout by Amazon. With Seller Central, you can do the following:

  • Manage your orders: View, ship-confirm, cancel, or refund your orders from one set of pages. You can even get text reports of your orders, and can upload shipping confirmation information to help speed up your payments.
  • Integrate your website: Set up simple Checkout buttons that let customers make a quick purchase, or integrate your shopping cart with our order processing to automate your system.
  • View reports about your performance: See reports about your sales performance, your payments, customer feedback, and even schedule order reports for convenient times.
  • Set up your account: Set your customer-facing information, including your logo and policies. Tell your customers about your returns and refunds policies. Set up simple shipping and tax rates. Create and use promotions with automatic discounts applied at checkout. Help customers return gracefully to your site by providing URLs for successful and abandoned payment transactions.

How Seller Central Works

Seller Central is a web-based tool that divides its functionality among 4 tabs. (You might see more tabs depending on the type of account that you have.)

You click a tab to use the features associated with that tab. Here's a breakdown of the functions assigned to each tab when you are a Checkout by Amazon merchant:

Table 1. Seller Central Features and Tabs
Tab Name Features Use
Orders Manage Orders View a list of your current orders, view details on a given order, confirm shipments, print shipping/packing labels, and issue refunds.
Order Reports Download a text file containing your order information.
Upload Order-related Files Upload text files containing shipping confirmation information, order adjustments, and order cancellations.
Integration Checkout button Create a simple Checkout button for your website.
Integration Methods Use this resource to help automate your integration.
Error Console View, debug and fix errors with your input data and the callback responses you send to Checkout by Amazon.
Access Key Get your access key.
Upsell Settings Upsell your products within the checkout pipeline.
Marketing Toolkit Get handy buttons and e-mails you can use to market your updated website.
Reports Seller Performance Track your performance statistics.
Site Metrics and Reports Get strategic metrics to help you understand and improve your business.
Payments View payments made to your Amazon Payments account from sales made through your Checkout by Amazon orders.
Feedback Track buyer satisfaction with your service. Update your business name, bank information, and notification options.
Settings Account Info Update your business name, bank information, and notification options.
Login Settings Change your name, email, or password. View and edit your shipping rates and shipping restrictions.
Shipping Settings View and edit your shipping rates and shipping restrictions.
Manage Promotions Create and manage promotions for your products.
Manage Taxes Manage tax rates on your orders.
User Permissions Manage user permissions for Seller Central tools. Create and edit your FAQ, privacy policy, return and refund policies, shipping rates, and gift services content.
Your Info & Policies Create and edit your FAQ, privacy policy, return and refund policies, shipping rates, and gift services content.
Order Pipeline Settings Configure your customer's experience when in the checkout pipeline.

Daily or Periodic Tasks

Selling with Checkout by Amazon is easy, and maintaining your order fulfillment process is also easy with Seller Central. The table below provides a suggested daily or periodic time line of tasks that you will need to do when you sell with Checkout by Amazon:

Table 2. Daily or Periodic Tasks
Frequency Task Feature Location Purpose
Daily Check orders with Manage Orders or with a downloaded Orders Report. Orders > Manage Orders Be sure you are checking orders frequently; the faster you ship, the happier your customers will be.
Confirm that you have shipped orders with Manage Orders or with an uploaded Confirmation file. Orders > Upload Order Related Files After you ship an order, always confirm shipment in Seller Central; that is the only way we know that you shipped the order, and it is the only way we know to pay you.
Periodic Check your customer feedback. Reports > Feedback Check to see what your customers think of your items and your fulfillment. Check to see that you are being paid for what you expect.
Check your payments status. Reports > Payments Check to see that you are being paid for what you expect.
Cancel or refund orders. Orders > Manage Orders As needed, cancel or refund orders.
Create Checkout buttons. Integration > Checkout Button Set up your website using Checkout buttons that you generate from Seller Central or that you build yourself.
View Site Metrics & Reports. Reports > Site Metrics & Reports See how much traffic your site is getting from Checkout by Amazon.
Change your log-in information (security). Settings > Login Settings Change your log-in information, such as your password and security questions, so that you keep your account safe.
Change your shipping settings. Settings > Shipping Settings Set up your basic shipping rates, and update them as needed.
Add and edit your promotions. Settings > Manage Promotions Set up your promotions when you need them.
Change your account info. Settings > Account Info Set up your basic information.
Change your tax rates. Settings > Manage Taxes Set your basic tax rates on a state-by-state basis, and change them if tax rates change.
Set up user permissions. Settings > User Permissions Give other users access to your Seller Central account when you want help.
Update your customer-facing information settings. Settings > Your Info & Policies Settings > Order Pipeline Settings Set up and edit your customer-facing help, logo, and other information.
Change your order pipeline settings. Settings > Order Pipeline Settings Set up a smooth landing page for your customers after they complete their purchases.