End of Registrations for Checkout by Amazon

Thank you for your interest in Amazon Payments. Since launching Checkout by Amazon, our payment solutions have evolved to better integrate with merchant sites and to provide a more streamlined customer experience. These improvements are part of our new product: Login and Pay with Amazon. While we will continue to support Checkout by Amazon, we are no longer accepting new Checkout by Amazon registrations.

We recommend that you learn more about Login and Pay with Amazon and see if it’s the right payment solution for your business.

You can see a list of eCommerce solution providers that support Login and Pay with Amazon at If you are using an eCommerce provider that does not yet support Login and Pay with Amazon, we recommend that you contact your provider via email or social media to let them know you are interested.

If you are not using an eCommerce platform, you can find out more about integrating with Login and Pay with Amazon at