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Express integration

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Have a simple payments need?

Amazon Pay's express integration method is the quickest way to add the Amazon Pay button to your web and mobile sites. You can set it up in minutes with simple HTML and Javascript snippets. It’s ideal for simple purchases with a fixed price.

quickguide flow 1
Create a button

Visit Seller Central and use the Amazon Pay button generator.

Click here to register for Amazon Pay.

quickguide flow 2
Button code

Copy and paste the code snippet where you want the Amazon Pay button to appear.

quickguide flow 3
Collect payments

Start collecting payments!

For more advanced use cases which require you to vary the payment amount (e.g., you have a shopping cart), please see our Express Integration Guide and Demo App on Github.

Buyer checkout experience

When you use the Amazon Pay express integration method, you simply add the Amazon Pay button to your site and Amazon will host the payment experience for you. At the end of the transaction process, the buyer will be redirected back to your site.

buyer site
Click Pay With Amazon button to begin transaction
1. Login with your Amazon account
buyer flow 1
2. Select your payment preferences
buyer flow 1
3. Complete your
buyer flow 1


We offer an express integration guide and a demo app on Github to facilitate a seamless integration experience.


Compare the express and API integration methods.
  • The Amazon Pay express integration method allows you to get up and running in minutes. It’s ideal for simple, fixed-price orders.
  • An integration with Amazon Pay APIs gives you more control over the checkout experience.
  • You can always transition from an express integration to an API integration as your needs evolve.
  • Learn more about the Amazon Pay APIs here.

Amazon hosts the payment experience


Widgets embedded on your site

You control authorization and capture of funds
Buyers select from their Amazon shipping and payments options
Copy and paste integration - ideal for fixed price items
Store the customer's payment preferences to support recurring payments
Retrieve buyer address during checkout - helpful for calculating tax and shipping costs