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Amazon Pay Drives Business Growth for Autoplicity

As co-founders of, Sean McWherter and Eddie Lichstein bring more than ecommerce expertise to their business. Their lifelong passion for cars is at the heart of their mission to offer low prices and fast delivery on the widest selection of auto parts available.

“We are car guys,” says Sean. “I think having that passion has helped us build our business because we know our customer. We understand how important it is to find that exact part and then get it fast.”

The two first used Amazon Pay as consumers themselves and after experiencing the easy checkout saw an opportunity for their business. “One of the most challenging things that we face as a new ecommerce site is making sure that people feel secure buying from us,” says Sean. “We felt that having Amazon Pay on our site would immediately build trust with customers.”

We’ve gained a lot of new business by offering a payment option that appeals to the Amazon customer base.

Sean McWherter, Co-founder at Autoplicity

Increasing conversion

They were right.

“Conversion went up very quickly when we added Amazon Pay to our site because people trust the Amazon brand,” says Eddie.

Amazon Pay lets anyone with an Amazon account—now millions of customers—checkout without re-entering payment and shipping information. The easy, seamless experience has helped improve the company’s marketing ROI.

“We spend a lot of time and expense getting people to our site. Once they’re here, Amazon Pay removes all friction points from the checkout process and makes it easy for them to buy,” says Sean.

Gaining new business

Over twenty percent of Autoplicity’s customers now choose Amazon Pay at checkout, which both partners believe contributes to the growth of their business. “Amazon Pay has helped us grow by gaining new customers,” says Eddie. “Having Amazon Pay gives us a big competitive edge because it invites more people in the door.”

Sean adds, “It was not a shift from one payment method to another. We’ve gained a lot of new business by offering a payment option that appeals to the Amazon customer base.”

Improving operational efficiency

Because of their own focus on customer service, Sean and Eddie appreciate the level of support they received from Amazon during implementation. “They were there for our development team and actually looked at code. That’s far above and beyond the competition,” says Sean.

Since adding Amazon Pay, Sean and Eddie feel more secure about customer orders because they are protected by the same fraud detection technology used by

“We’ve been burned before when high ticket orders turn out to be fraudulent,” says Eddie. “As a business owner, having the level of fraud protection offered by Amazon Pay has been absolutely amazing. It’s one less thing for me to worry about.”

Orders processed by Amazon Pay don’t require additional fraud checks, which means Autoplicity’s team spends less time on order verification and can better serve customers by getting orders out the door more quickly.

The flat rate offered by Amazon Pay also improves operational efficiency by making costs predictable. “There are no hidden fees to worry about. It’s just one simple, low rate for every order,” says Eddie.

If 100 percent of our orders went through Amazon Pay, we'd be happy.

Eddie Lichtenstein, Co-founder at Autoplicity

Listening to the customer

For Autoplicity, however, the best measure of success is customer feedback. “We improve our business by listening to our customers, and our customers tell us they absolutely love using Amazon Pay,” says Sean. “They say it’s easy to use, they feel secure, and it’s just simple. What more do we need to hear?”