Verify and activate your account on Seller Central

When you have completed the first step of the registration process (by following the instructions in Start the registration process), you will be forwarded to Seller Central, where a wizard will guide you through the remaining steps required to verify and activate your account.

At this point, your account has been created, and you can use the account for testing in the Sandbox environment. This lets you start the technical integration process and test your ordering and order management processes. But to use your account in a Production environment (with a live Amazon Pay button on your website), you first need to verify your account and complete the account activation process on Seller Central.

Tip: Switch between the Sandbox environment and the Production environment in Seller Central by choosing the appropriate View from the Marketplace switcher drop-down list near the top of the page:

If you need help at any time during the registration process, the Amazon Pay merchant support team is available. Please contact us with your questions.

  1. When you are forwarded to the wizard on Seller Central, you see the Overview of additional information required page. Rows on the page show you the status of your account activation and provide links that let you walk through the process to complete each portion. If information is still needed, the row includes a Start button.
  2. For each row that does not already list a status of Completed, click the Start button, enter the required information, and confirm by clicking Save and continue.
    1. On the Primary contact person information page, make sure that your answers are complete and spelled correctly. In particular, make sure that you enter your name exactly as it appears on your passport or identity card.
    2. On the Beneficial owner information page, choose the number of beneficial owners from the drop-down list. Anyone who has a share of at least 25% of the company must be counted and named. When entering owner names, make sure that you enter the names exactly as they appear on the person’s passport or identity card. Beneficial owners are natural persons who own or control the business through direct or indirect ownership over 20% / 25% or more of the shares or voting rights of the business or any other natural persons who otherwise exercise control over the management of the business.
  3. When you have completed Step 2 and have entered all requested information, your account activation will be in a pending status. Note: Based on an examination of the information you have provided, it is possible that we will request additional details from you. Please check your Seller Central page regularly to see if further information has been requested. You can find information requests by signing in to your account on Seller Central, clicking Performance, and then clicking Performance Notifications. This process is governed by EU directives designed to protect merchant and buyer and is absolutely necessary to the process of using Amazon Pay.

Enter your bank account information

On the Global bank account information page, you enter details about the bank account to which we will transfer your payments. When you walk through the process of adding your bank account information, there are multiple steps, including steps to validate that Amazon Pay can successfully transfer funds to you (by transferring a small amount of money to your account as a test).

Note that the bank account you identify in this process must be the bank account of your company. The name associated with the bank account must match the name of the company; we can't accept a bank account owned by a third party.

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