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Configure your application

Sign in to your Shopify admin. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings ›› Payments. Search for the payment gateway Amazon Pay and click "Activate".

  1. On the following page, click Configure your application. A Seller Central login page appears.
  2. Sign in to Seller Central, using the credentials of the new account that you created in the Registration step.
  3. Select Login with Amazon in the dropdown menu left to the search box.
  4. Click "Register new Application".
  5. Enter a Name. This is the business name that you want your customers to see when using Amazon Pay on your site.
  6. Enter a Description for the application such as "Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon".
  7. Enter the URL of your business’s Privacy Policy.
  8. Upload a Logo. This is a .jpg or .png file containing the branded image that you want your customers to see when using Amazon Pay on your site.
  9. Expand the Web Settings section.
  10. In the Allowed Javascript Origins section, enter both URLs provided in the Allowed Javascript Origins section. Please replace the subdomain "example" with your real shop name.


  11. You will find all relevant URLs for your web shop on the page for "detailed instructions".

  12. In the Allowed Return URLs section in Seller Central, copy and paste the URL find on the detailed instructions page.


  13. Copy the Client ID from your web setting and enter it in the relevant field of your Amazon Pay configuration in the Shopify admin.