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Password security

When you sign in to your account, we take precautions to protect your account. First, whenever you sign in to your Amazon account, you sign in using a secure server connection (https://). We use Transport Security Layer (TLS)/Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128 bit encryption, the industry standard in secure server protection.

Your account is also protected by a unique password that you create. Remember these guidelines when creating your password:

  • Avoid using common words or phrases as your password.
  • Your password should be at least six characters and include both numbers and letters in both upper- and lowercase.
  • We also recommend that you keep this password confidential. Sharing your password can compromise the security of your Amazon account.

Secure your account with two-step verification

We recommend that you add another level of security to your account by setting up two-step verification. For instructions, see Turning on two-step verification on the Amazon website.

For help recovering access to an account that has been secured with two-step verification, see Two-step verification account recovery.

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