Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon integration guide

Disabling multi-currency functionality

If you accept orders in multiple currencies but don’t want to use Amazon Pay multi-currency functionality for any reason, follow these steps.

Note: If you accept payments and show prices solely in your ledger currency, you don’t need to disable this functionality. It has no effect on your integration in any way.

  1. On the checkout page, check if the selected currency differs from your ledger currency.

    If the selected currency differs from your account’s ledger currency, hide the Amazon Pay button.

  2. Check if your customer switches the currency during the Amazon Pay checkout process.

    If the selected currency differs from your account’s ledger currency, show your customer a message that you accept payments only in your ledger currency. Offer your customer the following options:

    1. Continue the checkout process in your account’s ledger currency.
    2. Cancel the Amazon Pay checkout process and restart checkout on the cart page.

Identifying merchant ledger currency

The currency that is used on the merchant's ledger is specified when merchants register their Amazon Payments Merchant account.

Ledger currency

Where the Amazon Payments merchant account is registered





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