Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon integration guide

Introduction to batch processing

Amazon Pay facilitates submitting API operations by offering the same functionality as the Amazon Pay API section of the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) in a Batch Service processing system.

An XML file is used to submit a series of the same API operation as nodes in the XML file, where each node is a single request. The Batch Service queues the requests internally and then processes the transactions.

After a batch is processed, a report is produced that lists the synchronous response for each operation in the batch file.


Important information about batch processing

  • The Batch Service uses the Feeds and Reports APIs of Amazon MWS:
  • Requests contained in batches are processed asynchronously and therefore aren't in order. Depending on the number of transactions in a batch and other factors, it might take several minutes to a few hours for the Batch Service to process the entire batch.
  • Just as transactions in a batch can be processed in any order, the status of transactions in the post-processing report can be listed in any order.
  • After a batch has been submitted, the feed processing request cannot be cancelled or changed. Note: You can call the CancelFeedSubmissions operation of the Feeds API section to request cancellation of a feed, but the feed submission can be cancelled only if the feed has not yet begun processing.

NOTE: The maximum time range for report generation is 30 days. To mitigate throttling, we recommend a 1-day range and cycling through each day in your range (at 1 request per second).

Supported APIs

Batch processing supports the following API calls:

  • CancelOrderReference
  • CloseOrderReference
  • CloseAuthorization
  • Capture
  • GetCaptureDetails
  • Refund
  • GetRefundDetails

Getting started

To batch your operations, you must submit an XML feed file that lists all of the requests for the type of API call you want to perform. Each request is a node in the XML. The steps listed below walk you through the process.

Note: Before proceeding further, familiarize yourself with the Amazon Pay API Reference Guide.

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