Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon integration guide

Step 2: Submit the feed content

Before submitting your feed content, you need to set up the batch processing service's endpoint. You then submit the XML feed file using the SubmitFeed API call. After the feed content has been submitted you can review and address any processing errors that might have occurred.

Setting up IPNs to receive batch processing messages

Before you can submit a feed, you need to configure endpoints to receive messages from the Batch Process. Do this in Seller Central under Settings in the Integration Settings section.


  • A feed can be sent to either a production or a sandbox batch processing endpoint. Make sure that when you are done testing you change the marketplace ID and URL from sandbox to production.
  • The batch processing endpoint URL is different from the one used for individual API calls.

The batch processing endpoints are shown below:

Location URL

SubmitFeed API call

When you have created the XML file that contains a list of requests for the API call that you want to perform, submit it to Amazon Pay using the SubmitFeed operation of the Amazon Pay API section along with an encrypted header and all required metadata, including a value for the FeedType request parameter. As with all submissions to Amazon MWS, you must also include authentication information.

For any of the supported operations, use the following parameter values in your query request:

Parameter name Description Required Valid values
FeedContent The actual content of the feed itself, in XML format.

You must include the FeedContent in the body of the HTTP request.


Yes None
FeedType A FeedType value indicating how the data should be processed.

Type: xs:string

MarketplaceIdList* A marketplace ID (of one of the marketplaces you are registered to sell in) that you want the feed to be applied to.

Example: &MarketplaceIdList.Id.1= A341L3VCFKNMIY &MarketplaceIdList.Id.2=A35A4JO734ER04

No Use one of the following values for Amazon Pay marketplaces:
  • US Sandbox: A3BXB0YN3XH17H
  • US Live: AGWSWK15IEJJ7
  • UK Sandbox: A3M3RRFO9XDT2G
  • UK Live: AZAJMM36N6WQL
  • DE Sandbox: A1G8446IYHA4MR
  • DE Live: A53RDEWN57UU5

Note: The MarketplaceId denotes the Amazon Service (for example, Amazon Pay, region (UK, Germany, etc.) or environment (Sandbox or Live) that your request corresponds to. The valid values of MarketplaceId that you could use with the Batch Service are listed in the preceding table.

Processing errors

When the feed is submitted through the Amazon MWS Feeds API section, Amazon validates the feed, and the feed processing summary will contain any validation errors encountered during processing.

The error codes for validation errors are as follows.

Error code Message Description
0001 Invalid XML: Malformed Request Data The XML fragment that constitutes a request is not well formed.
0002 Invalid XML: No SellerId found in request The XML fragment does not contain the SellerId element in the request.
0003 Invalid XML: Incorrect number of SellerIds found in request The XML fragment in the request contains more than one SellerId element.
0004 Invalid XML: Request SellerId does not match feed SellerId The SellerId in the request must match the SellerId against which the feed is submitted.

Note: The FeedType parameter value is always "_POST_TRANSACTION_PAYMENTS_BATCH_DATA_".

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