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Configuring Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon


Open the configuration of the module by clicking "Configure". In a new browser tab, open Seller Central with your Amazon Payments merchant account.

To configure the settings, you will need the login details for Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon from your Amazon Seller Central account. You can find all the required data in Seller Central under Integration ›› MWS Access Key.

Amazon Merchant ID

Enter your Merchant ID from Seller Central here.

AWS Access Key

Enter your Access Key ID from Seller Central here.

Secret Key

Enter your Secret Access Key from Seller Central here.

Client-ID for Login & Pay

Enter your Client ID from Seller Central here. To create your Client ID, simply follow the instructions in this presentation.


Enter the region to which you have registered your Amazon Pay merchant account here.

Mode Login/Pay

Select the option "Login & Pay" here to activate both Login with Amazon and Amazon Pay.

Show buttons in frontend

Select "YES" so that the Amazon Pay buttons appear in your webshop.

Operation mode

Select "Live mode" to enable your customers to pay with Amazon Pay.

When/How will the payment be authorised?

Select "immediately after the order" here.

Order status for executed orders

This status is set immediately after the order is made. Select a neutral status here.

Order status for authorised payments

This status is set after Amazon has authorised the payment. Select "Amazon Payments – authorised" as default.

When/How will payments be captured?

Select the option "after delivery".

Order status to capture payment

Enter the order status at which point the payment is to be captured. This should be the status that you set when you dispatch the order.

Order status after successful capture

Enter the order status to be displayed once payment has been captured successfully.

Declined status

Enter the order status to be displayed in the event of authorisation being declined, for example "Error with the order".

Provocate error (sandbox mode only!)

Select "No". Sandbox mode allows you to simulate the other possible options for different types of rejected payments.

Login in Popup-Window

Select "YES" to enable your customers to conveniently and easily sign in to your shop via a popup window.

Exclude shipping methods (Ids, comma-separated)

Enter the IDs for the shipping methods where you do not wish to accept payments via Amazon Pay, separated by commas.

Exclude products from Pay with Amazon

Enter the IDs of products for which you do not wish to accept payment via Amazon Pay, separated by commas.

Allow guest orders?

Select "YES" to enable customers who have not registered a customer account with your organisation to place orders in your shop.

Receive status updates via IPN

Enable this option so that your shop receives changes to the payment status in real time. Copy the URL for Amazon displayed on your screen and then sign in to your Amazon Payments merchant account in Seller Central. Go to the integration settings (Settings ›› Integration Settings ›› Merchant URL). Paste the URL here and save the settings.

Use cron job for status updates

If you do not possess a valid SSL certificate or do not wish to receive status updates via the IPN interface, you can also receive status updates via a cron job. Please note that you must create a cron job using the URL displayed for your shop in order to be able to periodically retrieve payment information.

Automatically notify customers when payments are rejected

This option allows you to enable automatic customer notifications for rejected payments.

Preselect account creation in checkout

If this option is selected, the checkbox for account creation will be automatically marked during checkout.

Force account creation

Enable this option so that a customer account is automatically created for new customers in your shop.

Web settings in Seller Central

To complete the integration process, please enter the allowed JavaScript origins and allowed return URLs for your webshop in Seller Central. To do this, sign in to your Amazon Payments merchant account in Seller Central and open the settings for Login with Amazon using the dropdown menu next to the search box.
The URL to be entered can be found at the end of the module configuration page in your PrestaShop under "URL and configuration info". The two return URLs that you require can also be found in this section.

Amazon Pay is now enabled in your webshop and the Amazon Pay button appears on the basket and checkout page. The Login with Amazon button appears in the login area.