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Amazon Pay solutions are architected and designed for high availability, scalability, and security from the start. Amazon Pay is deployed in AWS across multiple availability zones.

Amazon Pay utilizes many of the building blocks available in AWS and Amazon’s distributed services environment. These include:

  • SNS (Simple Notification Service) to provide Instant Payment Notifications;
  • SQS (Simple Queuing Service) for work item management;
  • DynamoDB/S3 as part of the storage solution.

These systems are distributed and resilient to availability zone failure. Services are automatically balanced between zones and traffic is automatically routed to available zones in the event of an AZ failure.

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We offer an integration guide and API documentation to help developers seamlessly integrate Amazon Pay.


Identify Amazon customers when they login to your website. With Login with Amazon, you get the customer’s name and email address so you can personalize their on-site experience. Millions of online shoppers can now register with your site using the information stored in their Amazon account.

Inline checkout

Customers won’t leave your website to enter payment information. Maintain a consistent brand experience and help increase the likelihood of conversion by keeping more customers on your site.

Fraud protection

Help reduce your costs and protect your business with Amazon’s proven fraud protection, at no additional cost to you.


When you’re ready to dive into Amazon Pay, we have you covered.
  • Access our Sandbox to test integration, test orders and validate that the right order information comes through for you.
  • Our integration guide and API documentation are available for reference as you go.
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We offer developer community forums and payment graphics to help you integrate seamlessly.