Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon integration guide

Sample addresses and payment instruments

Sample shipping addresses and payment instruments have been added in the Sandbox environment to enable development and debugging of AddressBook and Wallet widget information.

Sample default shipping addresses

Max Mustermann
Schutzstrasse 123
81543 Muenchen

Moritz Harz
Baumstrasse 432
60596 Frankfurt

Wolfgang Kampf
Schoenstrasse 82
33100 Paderborn

Elise Schmidt
Edelweiss Weg 8675
79117 Freiburg

Karin Roggen
Altstadtring 1
21129 Hamburg

Sample default payment instruments

Sample default test payment instruments are shown below. The test payment instruments work like actual credit cards, except that they work only in the Sandbox environment and no funds are actually authorised or captured. The payment instrument is rendered in the Wallet widget.

Instrument Type Name:"Visa"
Instrument Number:"1111"
Instrument Type:"CC"

Instrument Type Name:"AMEX"
Instrument Number:"0005"
Instrument Type:"CC"

Instrument Type Name:"MasterCard"
Instrument Number:"4444"
Instrument Type:"CC"

Instrument Type Name:"Bankeinzug"
Instrument Number:"9424"
Instrument Type:"DD"

You can simulate declined authorizations by using one of these preconfigured cards in the Sandbox environment. You can't simulate the ProcessingFailure error.

Sample default billing address

The following single fixed billing address has been added to the Sandbox environment to enable testing of addresses that might have unique features in your locale. The sample billing address cannot be changed.

Sandbox fixed billing address

Name arguments

  • full_name: Liam Barker

Mailing address arguments

  • address_line_1:
  • address_line_2: Meininger Strasse 58
  • city: Neunkirchen
  • postal_code: 66538
  • country_code: DE

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