We just finished randomly selecting the potential winner of the Amazon Pay #MyWishlistSweepstakes.

Before we go there though, let’s start with how we got here. In late November, thousands of customers across the United States received their first Possible with Pay holiday gift guide by Amazon Pay, featuring dozens of unique brands and products. Our aim was to inspire our customers to cherish the holidays, by choosing a special gift for their loved ones. We carefully selected these gifts to present our customer with a wide selection of gifts that they may never have thought of otherwise.

For a customer to participate, they simply had to add their 3 top favorite gifts on a wish list post card, included in every Holiday Gift Guide. 

Let’s cut to the chase. We want to extend our best wishes to the potential winner of the first #mywishlistsweepstakes: Marcela Aguilera. As a PhD Student life is difficult and work never stops. We hope that this surprise will motivate her to the finish line of what must have been an arduous task. Congratulations Marcela! Here is her original Tweet:


Dozens of other customers participated in our sweepstakes, with creative snapshots of their postcards. While the below didn’t make the cut, they definitely put a smile on our face. Here are a few highlights:


Big thanks to those participants with creative entries. Best of luck for the next round!


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