It’s been said that the best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep—and that’s exactly what Purple, Inc. offers. Purple founders Tony and Terry Pearce set out to build the world’s most comfortable mattress, one that guaranteed millions of people their best sleep ever, at an affordable price. In January 2016, after years of researching cushioning, the company started shipping Purple mattresses, entering the marketplace at a time when the “bed in a box” mattress delivery to your door step, was a new frontier.

Amazon Pay reduces the number of clicks and customer inputs during the checkout by at least 75%.

- Bryant Garvin, Marketing Director, Purple

Since introducing Purple® Bed, the world’s first no pressure mattress, the company has experienced explosive growth. “We’ve grown from 40 employees to almost 600 in a year’s time,” says Byrant Garvin, Marketing Director at Purple, Inc. To keep up with the demand for its products, the company needed a cutting-edge e-commerce platform and payment solution. Purple chose Shopify for its online store, adding Amazon Pay as one of its alternative payment options. With Amazon Pay, Purple has improved the checkout process, fostered customer trust, and thereby increased mobile conversions. The combination of Amazon Pay and Shopify is providing the company with a scalable solution to handle its swift growth.

Increased Mobile Conversion

With as many as 80% of Purple’s customers shopping from mobile devices, it was critical the company provide a flawless mobile experience. “We wanted a simple and easy-to-use payment option, especially on mobile, and with Amazon Pay, you just sign in to your Amazon account, tap the screen a few times, and you’re done,” says Dan Bischoff, Acquisitions Team Lead at Purple. “It doesn’t get any easier than that.” On average, about 20-25% of Purple’s payments are made by mobile shoppers, while an impressive 44% of Amazon Pay shoppers are checking out through their mobile devices.

The increase in mobile purchases through Amazon Pay is leading to thousands of dollars in additional revenue. “Right now nearly one in three payments is made with Amazon Pay, and we are excited about what that has done for our conversions,” says Garvin “It’s only going to continue to grow.”

Highly scalable platform

Purple chose Shopify to ensure they had a solution that would grow with their business. Five months later, they upgraded to Shopify Plus to obtain the dedicated support and greater functionality needed to expand internationally. “We’ve dealt with a lot of e-commerce platforms over the years, and Shopify is one of the most intuitive platforms we’ve worked with,” says Bischoff. “It has great scalability, with a number of larger retailers running it. The checkout process is seamless, and they’ve got mobile right.”

There is a level of trust with Amazon. People are used to checking out with Amazon, I don't see anyone who doesn't have an Amazon account.

- Dan Bischoff, Acquisitions Team Lead, Purple

Trusted and simplified experience

Another major advantage of Amazon Pay has been the fast checkout experience. The simplified process has meant fewer cart abandonments and more customers completing their purchases. "Amazon Pay reduces the number of clicks and customer inputs during the checkout by at least 75%," says Garvin. "In the end, the less friction we have, the less chance of cart abandonment."

The increased conversions, along with Amazon's global recognition, are adding up to greater trust in the Purple brand. Bischoff and Garvin believe Amazon Pay provides the validation startups like theirs need, ultimately strengthening Purple's reputation and bolstering its growth.

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