While the world has made great progress for children, millions of youth around the globe still lack the basic care they need. Every day, 16,000 children die before their fifth birthday, mostly from preventable causes. Roughly 1 in 6 children worldwide isn’t in school, missing out on critical learning. And conflict is forcing 1 in 80 children to flee their homes, risking everything just to survive.i

As the first global charity for children, Save the Children is committed to addressing these challenges—giving kids the best chance for a bright future. The charity was founded at the end of World War I by British social reformer Eglantyne Jebb. Jebb was an outspoken champion for children who was appalled by newspaper photos she saw of children starving in war-torn Europe. 

Jebb famously proclaimed that “all wars are waged against children.”ii She initially distributed leaflets with photos of starving European children, and went on to ship life-saving food and medical supplies to children in Europe and beyond. Jebb’s work championing children’s rights eventually led to the 1959 United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child.iii

Nearly a century later, Jebb’s legacy continues. Today, Save the Children helps more than 155 million children in more than 120 countries attain the health, education, and protection they need to lead fulfilling lives.iv The organization is working to end child malnutrition and hunger and prevent HIV transmission. It sponsors early childcare and education programs. And it works to protect children from exploitation, conflict, and natural disasters. 

Help children around the globe attain the health, education, and protection they need by asking Alexa to “make a donation to Save the Children.

Save the Children is constantly trying to reach more children. The charity recently added Alexa Donations and Amazon Pay to make it quicker and easier for supporters to help vulnerable youth around the world. “With Alexa voice donations, you can literally use your voice to help even more children in need by donating to Save the Children,” says Ettore Rossetti, Sr. Advisor of Social Strategy & Digital Innovation at Save the Children.v 

Supporters who make donations using Alexa and Amazon Pay can avoid searching for their credit cards or filling out long forms. Instead, they simply use the information already stored in their Amazon accounts—knowing their payment information will remain safe and secure. 

By offering Alexa Donations and Amazon Pay as a payment option, Save the Children hopes to reach even more children in need.

By adding Alexa Donations, Save the Children’s goal is to expand its reach by tapping into donors who use Alexa-enabled devices. According to Carolyn Miles, President & CEO of Save the Children, "Progress is not happening quickly enough for the world’s most vulnerable children. Save the Children is committed to making sure every last child has the childhood — and the future — they deserve.””vi

At Amazon, we’re committed to making giving as easy as talking, and we are already working with more than 180 nonprofits to offer Alexa Donations. To learn more about Save the Children, visit their website.

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