Ever wondered what it is like to work at Amazon? Curious about the type of people that thrive in one of the world's most customer-centric companies?

In this month’s profile, we get to hear from one of Amazon Pay’s Key Accounts & Business Development managers, Flora Pauer. Flora takes us through day to day, her favorites part of Amazon life, and even let's us in on her love for Shakespeare.

Q: When did you join Amazon, what’s your position, and how would you describe your role? Have you worked at prior teams at Amazon?

Flora: I joined Amazon Pay in May 2017. Currently I am working as a Key Accounts and Business Development Manager within the Amazon Pay Team. In this job, I focus on identifying, acquiring and onboarding new high-potential merchant accounts. Furthermore, I act as their account manager and advise them on how to successfully use express checkout. From a business development perspective, I supported the go-to-market strategy and Austrian launch of Amazon Pay as well as organizing the Amazon Pay Digital Summit in Vienna. Thereby my Austrian origin came in handy. ;)

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

Flora: That is difficult to answer, as every day is very different at Amazon. Often my job involves jumping on the phone with the CEO of a well-known company, personal meetings or talking to various prospects at trade fairs all over the DACH region. I love this communicative aspect of my job. On a given day, I may deliver an onboarding training for a new hire in the morning and write a doc for a new product feature or improvement in the afternoon. It is never boring. J

Q: What do you enjoy about the Amazon culture? Or what’s one thing you’ve learned since your time at Amazon?

Flora: At Amazon, I’m surrounded by very intelligent, ambitious people – it’s great opportunity to always be learning. At the same time, our hierarchies are very flat and the best idea always wins no matter your level of work experience. Furthermore, my team is very collegial and we always support each other and like to do things together even outside of work. Since I have joined Amazon, I have learned that it is always Day One and there is always more to learn.   

Q: What is one of the reasons you enjoy working at Amazon Pay?

Flora: The team spirit within the Amazon Pay team is very special. It feels more like working with a group of friends then mere colleagues. Furthermore, there are always innovative things happening, which constantly fuels my curiosity. A special highlight for me is that we go running during our lunch break every Tuesday.

Q: How does Amazon support your career goals?

Flora: During my two years at Amazon Pay, I have always felt supported in achieving my personal targets and career goals. One example is the promotion to my current role as a Key Account and Business Development manager. My manager and I worked on clear path to this role, giving me the opportunity to work on diverse, interesting projects with colleagues from other international locales.

Q: What are some of your passions outside of work? What are you most excited about outside of work?

Flora: I love all sorts of sports including running, snowboarding, hiking, skiing, surfing, the list goes on. In summer as well as winter, you can often find me in the mountains surrounding Munich. Furthermore, I love acting and therefore am a member in different theatre as well as improv groups. In fact a lot of my coworkers are not aware that I play Shakespeare roles in my spare time. ;)

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