Having an incredible product is one thing, but finding and engaging the right audience for that product online is where many businesses fall short. In a crowded e-commerce industry, where shoppers are experiencing a consistent barrage of ads and offers, businesses often need expertise to help their brand and message break through.

That’s where Logical Position comes in. The Portland based digital marketing agency is helping e-tailers of all sizes and industries reach their customers. From custom paid search, shopping and social programs to web design and optimization projects, they’ve helped thousands of businesses increase their online exposure.

The company has a burgeoning list of accolades to prove their expertise including recognition as a part of Forbes’ agency council, Oregon Business’ 100 Best Companies list, and Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies four years in a row. If you are not convinced, check out their never-ending list of reviews from businesses all over North America.

Logical Position seems strategically placed to help more merchants optimize their sites and stores to spur growth as hosted shopping cart solutions become easier to operate. In a recent piece from Brian Aldrich, VP of Search at Logical Position, shares “…with the emergence of user-friendly ecommerce solutions like BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce with WordPress, we’re watching a growing number of national brands reaching out to consumers directly.”1

As this approach continues to catch on with smaller businesses, these companies are spending fewer resources promoting their products through sites like Etsy and are instead launching their own websites with ecommerce functionality. “Using tools like Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, these small businesses are finding it easier than ever to get in front of potential customers.”While more businesses are empowered to engage their customers directly, this also means these businesses may need more help optimizing their paid promotional efforts. 

As Logical Position helps companies build their business and optimize their digital marketing efforts, they are also building industry relationships to expand their offering for new and existing clients. Part of their expanded offering includes their certified membership in the Amazon Pay Consulting Agency Program. 

We're looking forward to the Amazon Pay Agency Program as an exciting new tool our agency can use to help our clients grow their businesses online.

- Michael Weinhouse, Founder and Co-CEO

Participation in the consulting agency program enables Amazon Pay and Logical Position to work on initiatives that drive value for their clients across web, mobile and voice commerce solutions. The program provides agencies with sales and technical support along with marketing resources to enable amplification of supported projects. Through the program, Logical Position is  a go-to expert on integrating Amazon Pay across channels, providing a valuable addition to their existing suite of client services.

As online businesses look for ways to increase their revenue and meet their growth goals, consider whether collaborating with a passionate team of digital marketers could be your competitive advantage this year. 

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Find out more about Amazon Pay’s Consulting Agency Program.

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