New insights to develop your voice strategy

Our new Paytalks webinar will show you the best ways to delight your shoppers using the voice channel.

In recent years, voice has emerged as an important retail channel — and in 2020, there are signals that consumers are continuing to move towards touchless experiences.[1] According to Amazon Pay’s 2019 Global Connected Consumer Study, 44% of consumers indicated that they were likely to use the voice channel in at least some part of their shopping journey in the next three years.[2] So, how can your business implement an effective voice commerce strategy to take advantage of this customer behavior?

Our November Paytalks, which just became available online, we show you how businesses have found innovative and inspiring ways to use voice to support digital shopping — and ways to develop your businesses voice strategy. These tactics will help you delight customers and push the boundaries of technology and commerce.

In this webinar you’ll find tips on:

  • Developing your own innovative voice strategy
  • Engaging new customers through touchless experiences
  • Delighting your loyal shoppers with fun and easy Alexa skills

Head over to the Paytalks webinar library to watch. While you’re there, check out other installments in the series to see more tips, ideas, and strategies for your online business.

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