How Tristar Products innovates to make life easy for its customers

Get to know how the direct-to-consumer company created a checkout experience that’s just as easy to use as its products.

For nearly 30 years, Tristar Products has been a pioneer in the direct-response market, introducing bestselling, direct-to-consumer global brands in kitchenware, fitness, fashion, and more. An Inc. 5,000 company, Tristar retail sales to date have exceeded $1 billion. Whether it’s an Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer or a Contour Leg Pillow, Tristar’s commercials are filmed in a state-of-the-art, 65,000-square-foot studio in Northern New Jersey and sold globally.

Bringing innovative ideas to life

A good product always starts with an inventive idea — but turning that idea into a top-selling product requires a powerful production team with a well-honed marketing and distribution strategy. Tristar, the experts behind such bestselling brands as the Emeril Everyday collection, PowerXL kitchen and home appliances, and Copper Chef cookware prides itself on producing many new products a year, all of which are designed to help make life easier and more enjoyable for their millions of customers.A key part of Tristar’s success is their omnichannel approach to domestic and international marketing and sales, which has resulted in global distribution channels with some of the biggest retailers and media reach in over 100 countries.

A customer first approach

In June 2020, Tristar integrated Amazon Pay to further optimize their checkout process, confident that Amazon Pay would result in the most seamless and convenient checkout possible for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers.

The benefits of a simple checkout

Since integrating Amazon Pay across its desktop and mobile sites, the company has seen fast consumer adoption; 10%–12% of all purchases on the company’s sites are now made using Amazon Pay.

“The two main benefits we’ve noticed with Amazon Pay are an improved customer experience and a measurable increase in sales.”

– Lisa, Director of Fulfillment Operations

A supportive and simple integration

Incorporating Amazon Pay hasn’t been a benefit only to customers; its simple integration with the payment-processing company Worldpay allows Tristar to manage Amazon Pay transactions as part of their overall Worldpay account, further streamlining accounting and reconciliation processes. Other payment options are more complex and time consuming; for example, such pay methods separate reporting for each of their 45 product lines outside of Worldpay.

“The accounting and reconciliation process is a breeze with Amazon Pay because it’s integrated into Worldpay reporting. It makes it very easy for Tristar teams to consolidate and manage Amazon Pay transactions as part of the larger Worldpay account.”

– Lisa, Director of Fulfillment Operations

Amazon Pay’s own supportive integration process has also produced a positive experience for the Tristar team, resulting in noticeable improvements to Tristar’s internal productivity.

“Amazon Pay is one of the easiest integrations we’ve experienced. What drove success was Amazon Pay’s ability to set deadlines, share a work-backwards plan and drive the project forward. We found the process easier than with other technology partners.”

– Jeff, Direct Operations Manager

Now that Tristar’s goal to improve their customer checkout experience has been addressed through the integration of Amazon Pay, the Tristar team can continue making their customers’ lives easier through innovative products.

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