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Amazon Pay merchants can quickly integrate voice into their ecommerce offering with Alexa’s delivery notifications capability.

Interested in adding voice to your ecommerce channel strategy, but not sure where to start? We’ve introduced two new ways for Amazon Pay merchants to innovate on behalf of their customers with Alexa including delivery notifications and Amazon Pay Buyer ID. You can easily integrate both of these solutions into your ecommerce experience.

Delivery notifications through Alexa

Merchants can now use Alexa to let those customers who opt in know when their order has been delivered, and in a natural, contextual, trusted way. Some of the benefits include:

  • An enhanced customer experience with proactive shipment delivery notifications.
  • Less customer support required with fewer customer service inquiries for checking delivery status.
  • Brand differentiation by becoming an early adopter of voice commerce with Alexa.
  • A simple and straightforward API, enabling faster integration.

How delivery notifications work for your customers

  1. Customer purchases an item with Amazon Pay.
  2. When the item is delivered, the Echo device shows a yellow ring or an on-screen banner.
  3. Customer says “Alexa, read my notifications.”
  4. Alexa responds with “You have one new notification from Amazon Pay. Your shipment from [your store name] has been delivered.”

Universal Buyer Identification enables a more connected experience

Amazon Pay Buyer ID is a new feature to help merchants recognize their Amazon Pay customers on web, mobile, and Alexa channels. Buyer ID makes it possible for Amazon Pay merchants to build truly connected and personalized experiences for their customers. Unique and specific to a merchant and customer, Buyer ID lets merchants identify return buyers to customize their shopping experience. Amazon Pay Buyer ID can help your customers in a number of ways, but here are two key scenarios worth considering now:

  • Reorder - Customers can reorder Alexa items that they have previously bought online with Amazon Pay. They launch the skill for their preferred merchant and just say, “Reorder my last order,” or they can ask, “What was my last order?”
  • Add to cart or wish list - Customers can add to cart via Voice on Alexa. Just open the skill and ask, “Alexa, add X to my cart/wishlist,” and the items will be placed in your cart for purchasing. Merchants who use Amazon Pay Buyer ID can offer a frictionless checkout and personalized experience that lets customers seamlessly start and complete purchases across channels.

Regardless of channel, Amazon Pay Buyer ID lets merchants provide buyers with a personalized and streamlined experience the moment they start their shopping journey. Customers will have access to their accounts including order history, preferences, wish lists, and loyalty programs across every channel when you use Amazon Pay Buyer ID.
For more information, talk to us today, or learn more about Delivery notifications and our Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills overview.

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