5 ways Amazon Pay helps large businesses

Enable hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to purchase on your website.

The way your customers purchase items online is evolving. They expect a simple, convenient, trusted buying experience on your site. Amazon Pay makes it easier for hundreds of millions of active customers around the globe to quickly check in and check out through your digital store using the information already stored in their Amazon accounts. Here are five reasons to integrate Amazon Pay now:

1. Activate the Amazon customer on your website

Amazon Pay extends the trusted experience Amazon customers have come to enjoy on Amazon.com to other websites around the world. Amazon Pay offers merchants an easier way to connect to hundreds of millions of active Amazon customers globally, including 150 million Prime customers.[1] The Amazon brand is a proven winner of customer trust,[2] and that trust halo extends to Amazon Pay. With 91% of Amazon Pay customers saying they would use Amazon Pay again,[3] this is your opportunity to leverage Amazon’s expanded network to help build customer engagement and loyalty.

2. Enable connected experiences across channels

It’s more important than ever to create a seamless experience no matter where shoppers start and finish their journey with your brand. According to our latest research on the connected consumer, 42% of global shoppers are likely to switch channels within a shopping journey within the next three years, but only about half of shoppers are currently satisfied with the ability of brands to offer seamless and continuous shopping experiences across channels.[4] It’s clear the connected consumer is here.

Amazon Pay’s new BuyerID functionality helps businesses bring that connected experience to their shoppers, assigning a unique, persistent identifier for each Amazon Pay customer so that individual channel activities are clearly connected and customers can move seamlessly from one channel to another.

3. Enhance the customer experience with Alexa

Four out of 10 consumers already use voice at some point during the shopping experience, and that number is rising. Consumers have a growing interest in using voice across all stages of the customer journey.[5] One way that Amazon Pay is helping businesses adapt to the expectations of today’s connected shoppers is through Alexa—available on hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices. Early adopters have already started to delight customers with Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, and more recently with delivery notifications through Alexa. Forty-three percent of global consumers express interest in using a voice service to check the delivery status of an order within the next three years.[6] Now with Alexa and Amazon Pay, merchants have the opportunity to proactively engage with their customers by letting them know their order has arrived through a new, preferred channel—voice. By enabling voice commerce, today’s businesses can take convenience to the next level, exceeding customers’ expectations in an age where seamless, innovative experiences can make all the difference.

In an increasingly connected world where our customers seek a seamless experience across channels and devices, we see it as a huge perk that we are able to innovate with Alexa through Amazon Pay.

- Kate MacCabe, Director, Product Management, Rothy’s

4. Help improve sales

Amazon Pay enables merchants to boost revenue by increasing conversions among valuable Amazon customers. By providing your customers with a trusted, convenient experience and one familiar login, you can increase conversions & lower cart abandonments.[7] For example, AllSaints experienced a 34% higher conversion rate, 15% higher order values, and a 70-second reduction in checkout time after implementing Amazon Pay. Businesses can also reduce their risk of incurring bad debt through Amazon Pay’s active base of online shoppers—leveraging the same advanced fraud prevention technology used by Amazon.com.

5. Keep customers engaged

Thirty-seven percent of consumers abandon a site because they are asked to create an account.[8] But without account creation, merchants miss the crucial opportunity to learn more about who their customers are.

By enabling Login with Amazon and Amazon Pay, your customers can skip account creation when they first arrive on your site or want to check out, using their Amazon account to log in to your site or app with just a few clicks. This adds another level of convenience for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers that may be browsing your site. This functionality also lets you leverage the Amazon brand that customers trust—while capturing your customers’ names, verified email addresses, and zip codes to start building more personalized experiences for them.

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[2] The Values Institute ranked Amazon as the most-trusted brand in retail, in 2018. Also, in brand rankings from BrandZ by Kantar Millward Brown and Best Global Brand 2019 by Interbrand, Amazon is rated as the most-valuable brand.
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