5 reasons to integrate Amazon Pay

Making it easier for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to quickly check-in and check out through your digital store.

The way your customers purchase items online is evolving. They expect a simple, convenient, trusted buying experience on your site. Amazon Pay makes it easier for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to quickly check-in and check out through your digital store using the information already stored in their Amazon accounts. Here are five reasons to integrate Amazon Pay now:

1. Activate the Amazon customer

Amazon Pay extends the trusted experience Amazon customers have come to enjoy, through thousands of websites around the world. Amazon Pay offers merchants an easier way to connect to hundreds of millions of active Amazon customer globally, including 100 million prime customers1 transacting in +170 countries2. The Amazon brand is a proven winner of customer trust3, and that trust halo extends to Amazon Pay. With 91% of Amazon Pay customers saying they would use Amazon Pay again4, this is your opportunity to leverage Amazon’s expanded network to help build customer engagement and loyalty.

As we considered ways to improve our cart and checkout experiences, adding Amazon Pay was an easy decision because it’s very mobile-friendly, seemingly everyone who shops online has an Amazon account

- Matthew Rehm, E-Commerce Manager, Volt Lightning

2. Offer a fast & easy checkout

Shoppers don’t want to create another site account. According to Baymard Institute, cart abandonment rates average 67.57%5, with 34% of customers citing forced account creation as a key reason for site abandonment6. Amazon Pay enables customers to make purchases using the information stored in their Amazon account, avoiding account creation, reentering credit card information, and typing their billing and shipping addresses. Reduce friction with a seamless payment process that can be completed in minimal clicks.

3. Lead the way in connected commerce

With the adoption of voice across all stages of the customer journey, Amazon Pay is helping businesses adapt to the expectations of today’s connected shoppers through Alexa – available on hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices. Our 2019 Connected Commerce study shows that only slightly more than half of respondents (52%) were satisfied with the ability of brands today to offer a seamless and continuous shopping experience across channels7. By embracing voice commerce, today’s merchants can take convenience to the next level, exceeding customer’s expectations in an age where personalized, seamless experiences are what make the difference. With Amazon Pay’s new BuyerID functionality helps businesses assign a unique, persistent identifier for each Amazon Pay customer so that individual channel activities can be clearly connected and customers can seamlessly move from one channel to another.

In an increasingly connected world where our customers seek a seamless experience across channels and devices, we see it as a huge perk that we are able to innovate with Alexa through Amazon Pay

- Kate MacCabe, Director, Product Management, Rothy’s

4. Help improve sales

Amazon Pay enables merchants to boost revenue by converting valuable Amazon customers. Providing your customers with trusted, convenient experience, and one familiar login to identify themselves can help increase conversions & lower cart abandonments8. For example, AllSaints experienced a 34% higher conversion rate, 15% higher order values, and a 70 second reduction in checkout time after implementing Amazon Pay.

“Customers recognize the Amazon name, which makes them feel more comfortable making purchases on our site,” says Osher Karnowski, General Manager, Jomashop

Amazon Pay reduces the number of clicks and customer inputs during the checkout by at least 75%. In the end, the less friction we have, the less chance of cart abandonment.

- Bryant Garvin, Marketing Director, Purple

5. Minimize costs

Amazon Pay can reduce the costs for merchants and their customers. Merchants avoid setup costs, monthly fees and Amazon’s fraud detection and prevention technology helps reduce the risk of bad debt. Meanwhile, customers feel more confident knowing their purchases are protected by Amazon A-to-z Guarantee at no additional cost. For example, Toner Buzz, an online merchant in the office equipment space, saved 744 person-hours in time spent on detecting fraudulent transactions in the 7 months post Amazon Pay adoption.

Every day, we get questions like ‘How can I trust you?’ and ‘How can I trust the watches you sell?’ Working with a company like Amazon really helps us build trust with our customers.

- Berj Kacherian, President, AuthenticWatches.com

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1 Amazon data, 2018. Nearly half of Amazon Pay customers in 2017 are Prime members (global)
2 Amazon Pay data, Q4 2017. Tens of millions of customers in more than 170 countries have used Amazon Pay to transact
3 For two years in a row, The Values Institute ranked Amazon as the top most-trusted brand in retail in 2018. Also, in brand rankings from BrandZ by Kantar Millward Brown and Best Global Brand 2019 by Interbrand, Amazon is rated as the top most-valuable brand.
4 Consumer Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys: Conducted by Amazon Pay in 2019 among US, UK, DE, FR, IT, and ES consumers who had used Amazon Pay in the first 12 months preceding to the survey launch date.
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8 Purple reported increased conversions of 76%. Soak&Sleep reported reduced cart abandonments of 67%.

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