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Amazon Pay Team from Amazon Pay

Patrick Gauthier


Patrick Gauthier is responsible for leading Amazon’s payment services for 3rd party merchants globally. Patrick is a 20-year veteran of the payments and ecommerce industry. Most recently he was General Manager, Emerging Retail Solutions at PayPal where he managed PayPal’s prepaid, gift and demand generation businesses.

Patrick Gauthier from Amazon Pay

Kelly Wenzel

Director, Global Marketing

Kelly Wenzel is responsible for brand and content strategy, product marketing, lead generation, channel and field marketing at Amazon Pay. A career B2B / SaaS marketing leader with more than 20 years’ experience across marketing disciplines, Kelly served as CMO for multiple high growth startups, including one of Fortune’s Top 10 Places to Work in America.

Kelly Wenzel from Amazon Pay

Giulio Montemagno

General Manager, Europe

Giulio Montemagno leads the strategic development and operations of Amazon Pay in Europe. With 18 years of management, operations and strategy experience, Giulio has a distinguished career as technology executive in commerce, payments and online media.

Giulio Montemagno from Amazon Pay

Kris Zanuldin

Head of Connected Commerce

Kris leads the Connected Commerce initiatives at Amazon Pay, responsible for developing and growing new Amazon and Alexa-powered commerce solutions for merchants and consumers. Kris’ career has spanned almost twenty years in digital, starting with the early days of New York’s Silicon Alley during Dotcom 1.0 to his role as the Director of Commerce Innovation at American Express prior to joining Amazon.

Kris Zanuldin from Amazon Pay

Kris Orlowski

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Amazon Pay

Kris drives brand awareness and preference through content marketing at Amazon Pay. Kris has over a decade of tech marketing experience developing messaging research, evidence programs, automation projects, rebrands and other marketing activities, with leading brands like Microsoft and Google.

Kris Orlowski from Amazon Pay

Marina Gufeld

Program Manager, Go-to-Market

Marina is responsible for launching new features and enhancing the existing ones in the EU market. She started her career with Amazon 5 years ago. In her previous roles she was managing Amazon Pay's key accounts in Germany and was one of the first Program Managers for Amazon Pay’s Customer Excellent System (ACES) program.

Marina Gufeld from Amazon Pay

Liz Greenway

Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Partnerships

Liz Greenway is responsible for building and managing global marketing programs that drive merchant acquisition opportunities through shopping cart solution providers. She is a seasoned marketer with more than 15 years of experience in consumer and channel marketing, working with companies like T-mobile and HTC to develop GTM plans and drive demand activities.

Liz Greenway from Amazon Pay

Dr. Daud Kamin

Solutions Architect

Dr. Daud Kamin collaborate with merchants to launch with Amazon Pay. He lives in Auburn, WA and is supported by his wife and two kids. He completed his Doctoral Degree at Walden University in 2017.

Dr. Daud Kamin from Amazon Pay

Ozge Erturk

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing

Ozge leads paid digital marketing channels and is responsible for lead generation and customer acquisition strategy at Amazon Pay. Ozge has over 10 years of global marketing experience, specializing in customer acquisition and optimization of a brand’s marketing mix to drive revenue.

Ozge Erturk from Amazon Pay

Sanjeev Sridharan

Senior Brand & Customer Insights Manager, Marketing

Sanjeev Sridharan is responsible for collaborating across teams and regions to drive branding, positioning, messaging, and insights at Amazon Pay. Sanjeev brings 10+ years of consulting experience from Frost & Sullivan, SAP, Kantar Millward Brown, and Optimal Strategix Group where he led projects across verticals to better understand customer needs to drive business decisions.

Sanjeev Sridharan from Amazon Pay

Leah Holzman

Head of Global Marketing Communications

Leah Holzman is responsible for branding, content, and communications at Amazon Pay. With nearly 20-years of experience in B-to-B technology marketing, Leah joined Amazon from Criteo, a global advertising technology company. Prior Leah held marketing leadership positions at Centro, Smartling, and DoubleClick (now Google).

Leah Holzman from Amazon Pay

Tarini Shah

Solutions Architect

Tarini Shah collaborates with partners for integrating new and upcoming Amazon Pay features. Prior to Amazon, Tarini worked as a software developer for a marketing asset management startup in sunny San Diego, where she was the sole owner of the marketing platform and delivered key features.

Tarini Shah from Amazon Pay

Guest author - Chirp

Health & Wellness Business

This is Chirp®. We embody that fresh and ready, perfect-morning feeling. We believe in thinking better, not just different. We innovate and creatively market our better-health smarter-relief products. At Chirp, we always have your back.

Guest author - Chirp from Amazon Pay

Sreekanth Balibani

Solutions Architect

Sreekanth Balibani currently collaborates with merchants to Launch Amazon Pay on their Web ,Mobile and Voice Applications. Prior to Amazon Pay Sree founded E-Commerce and Digital IoT Trash Bin StartUps . Currently based out of New York, he is a technical leader with over 10 years of experience specializing in ecommerce cloud solutions.

Sreekanth Balibani from Amazon Pay

Melanie Tuazon

Product Marketing Manager, Global

Melanie is responsible for developing messaging, positioning, and content for merchant-facing launches and communications. In her previous roles she owned go-to-market strategies and messaging for brand awareness ad solutions, buyer persona development, and ecommerce strategies ranging from A/B testing, brand and performance marketing, and site redesigns.

Melanie Tuazon from Amazon Pay

Erin Peralta

Global Brand and Content Strategy

Erin Peralta is responsible for brand and content strategy at Amazon Pay. A career B2B marketer with more than 20 years’ experience, Erin has worked everywhere from startups and midsize agencies to global advertising firms.

Erin Peralta from Amazon Pay

Guest author - Two Blind Brothers

Online clothing company

There in the business to cure blindness. Two Blind Brothers makes ultra-soft designer clothing from natural fibers for the sole purpose of funding blindness research. They donate 100% of our profits to retinal research—and that’s because the founders of the company (two brothers) were diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease, a form of juvenile macular degeneration, at age 7. Help them find a cure.

Guest author - Two Blind Brothers from Amazon Pay

Prayag Gandhi

Solutions Architect

Prayag works as a Solutions Architect at Amazon Pay, mainly focusing on complex platform integrations. He is a proud graduate of Texas A&M university and has previously worked in different domains like systems engineering and business development.

Prayag Gandhi from Amazon Pay

Zulfiqar Ahmad

Head of Tech Services and Go-To-Market Operations

In the Americas, Zulfiqar leads Amazon Pay’s customer facing technical teams (Solutions Architects & Technical Account Managers), and a Go-to-Market team responsible for bringing our key business initiatives to market. Zulfiqar has 15+ years of experience in driving technical and operational excellence in software and ecommerce. In his most recent role prior to Amazon, he led a Professional Services team within a data quality branch of Experian Marketing Services.

Zulfiqar Ahmad from Amazon Pay

Guest author - Amy Konary

VP, Zuora

Amy Konary joined Zuora as VP of Customer Business Innovation in 2017 with close to 20 years of experience advising companies on subscription business strategies. She is the founder and chair of the Subscribed Institute, a think tank for the subscription economy.

Guest author - Amy Konary from Amazon Pay

Guest author - Solo Stove

Amazon Pay merchant

An Amazon Pay merchant providing stainless steel wood-burning stoves and fire pits designed with efficient airflow. Portable and durable, designed for adventure.

Guest author - Solo Stove from Amazon Pay

Guest Author - Jacob Zuppke

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at AutoPets, manufacturer of the self-cleaning litter box, Litter-Robot.

Guest Author - Jacob Zuppke from Amazon Pay

Ashwini Lahane

Product Marketing, Amazon Pay for Alexa

Ashwini leads the product marketing effort for Alexa at Amazon Pay, responsible for marketing strategy and growth of all Alexa-powered commerce solutions for Amazon Pay customers.

Ashwini Lahane from Amazon Pay

Catalina Geib

Marketing Manager

Catalina drives Social Media for Amazon Pay globally in the Marketing Communications team. Previously she supported thought leadership for industry events, public relations initiatives and events activation in Europe.

Catalina Geib from Amazon Pay

Misha Berman

Solutions Architect

Misha Berman is a Solutions Architect on the Amazon Pay Partner Integration team. He helps eCommerce platforms integrate Amazon Pay into their checkout and drives feedback and improvements to the product internally. He started his career in retail customer service and then found his passion for technology and snowboarding while getting his bachelors of Computer Science in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Misha Berman from Amazon Pay

Alfonso Torres Soto

Solutions Architect

Solutions Architect for Amazon Payments EU

Alfonso Torres Soto from Amazon Pay

Ray Anaya

Solutions Architect

Solutions architect for Amazon Pay

Ray Anaya from Amazon Pay

Matt Reed

Manager, Solutions Architecture, Amazon Pay

Skilled leader in applications, systems integration, payments infrastructure, API design, and cloud SAAS (AWS). Along with experience as a Technical Program Manager and Mechanical Engineer.

Matt Reed from Amazon Pay