According to our research on connected commerce, 44% of consumers have or are likely to use voice somewhere within a shopping journey in the next year.[1] If you haven’t started to explore the potential that voice can have for your business, now’s the time. Finding ways to attract connected consumers to your business with an innovative voice experience could be what sets your business apart from other competitors.

This month’s Paytalks webinar will walk you through design strategies for creating an Alexa skill that will not only enable you to monetize voice as a channel for your business, but will delight both new and loyal shoppers. Because your time is valuable, we’ll share them all in just 20 minutes.

In this webinar, you’ll find tips on:

  • Designing a conversational voice skill that’s convenient and easy to use
  • Optimizing your Alexa skill phrase to improve interactions
  • Engaging voice shoppers across their journey to boost conversions

Head over to the Paytalks site to register for the live webinar right now.

[1] Amazon Pay, Connected Commerce Study, 2019.

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