According to a recent survey from Statista, in 2020, 49% of customers were more interested in online shopping for the holidays than they were in 2019. With more shoppers going online, businesses can potentially attract more customers to their sites than ever before. For merchants, this holiday season is an opportunity to increase sales by providing your shoppers with a seamless customer experience.

This month, we’re conducting our first-ever interactive webinar, Paytalks: Ask Us Anything! Holiday Selling Edition. We’ll outline effective ways to prepare for a boost in holiday shopping. From eliminating customer checkout hassles to great ideas to stand out in this competitive landscape, we’ll walk you through simple but effective strategies, with an emphasis on digital and mobile optimizations.

Because this session is interactive, we’ll also take time to answer relevant questions submitted by merchants like you. This will allow the session to cover many topics and make the most of your time before heading into the holidays.

You’ll receive practical tips on how to:

  • Increase your digital presence in a way that impacts your bottom line
  • Leverage SEO best practices to gain search traffic from our agency partner, BrightEdge
  • Optimize your mobile experience for holiday shoppers
  • Manage customer expectations to improve their overall experience
  • Implement holiday-centric, empathetic marketing ideas to help boost sales

Register and submit your questions before Oct. 18th to have them potentially included, or simply sign up to view the recording at a later date.

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