In today’s fast-paced world, there aren’t a lot of spaces in our daily lives to have heart-to-hearts with friends, families, or partners. For some of us, it can be hard to find the time to cultivate meaningful conversations with people — let alone to find the right words when the time comes. That’s where THE SKIN DEEP comes in. Through their emotionally powerful products and media, the team of creatives at THE SKIN DEEP is on a mission to bring deeper connections by designing new tools and methods for people to have more thoughtful interactions.


In 2014, THE SKIN DEEP started with a simple premise: They would film two people as they asked each other intimate questions, and then invite viewers to share in the conversationalists’ emotional experience. They called their interactive documentary experience {THE AND}*.Fifty-five million views and an Emmy later, the team at THE SKIN DEEP decided to dedicate themselves full time to the pursuit of documenting human connection in the digital age. To date, they’ve filmed over 1,000 pairs of people having intimate conversations in 17 locations around the world, creating new ways for people to be vulnerable and open with each other in {THE AND} and {THE AND} Online. 

THE SKIN DEEP Father and daughterIn 2015, THE SKIN DEEP found a new way to bring their life-changing practice into everyone’s home — through card decks that serve as a catalyst for building deeper, more meaningful connections. The 11 unique decks each include 199 thoughtfully curated questions for different kinds of relationships. Through them, {THE AND} is paving a new way for raw, honest, and open conversations between romantic partners, friends, family, and strangers.

Building on a strong foundation

Behind all THE SKIN DEEP’s ventures is their unflagging commitment to a singular mission: to encourage meaningful connections and exchanges. As an organization, they test everything they do against their six core values: integrity, presence, transparency, equity, growth, and quality. 
THE SKIN DEEP CoupleThe team’s dedication to these values extends beyond their products — it’s part of what led to the company policy to support other causes. Every year, the company places 3% of net profits into a donation pool, which is then divided equally between nonprofit organizations chosen by their team members. 

Conversations to bring you closer

One of the key reasons that THE SKIN DEEP’s thoughtful conversation prompts get under the skin is that they’re organized by relationship. Each of their {THE AND} card decks is intended to be used for a specific circumstance — like talking with a coworker, a long-term partner, or a friend. But no matter who you’re talking to, all these questions are designed to get you the answers you’re dying to know and may not otherwise have the courage to ask — like asking a stranger, “What are you doing to become the person you are?”
{THE AND} Family EditionIf you want to find ways of keeping the conversation going after the card game is over, THE SKIN DEEP also has Postcard sets — there’s The Love Pack, The Gratitude Pack, and The Friendship Pack, depending on the message you want to send. And for those who want to share THE SKIN DEEP but don’t know what to choose, the company also offers gift cards, letting the receiver choose what conversation feels right for them. 

This summer, whether you’re taking a big vacation or just planning to stay at home, use your time off to cultivate honest and intimate spaces with the people in your life. And while you’re practicing deeper conversations with THE SKIN DEEP, remember that you can conveniently check out in just a few clicks on their site by using Amazon Pay.



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