In the crowded world of ecommerce, it often feels like there are no new tricks to try out. Lots of agencies claim to be committed to shaking up stale industry protocol, but “talking big” only goes so far without authentically innovative approaches to back it up.

New Zealand-born agency Overdose is an exception to that rule — the rare company who is actually coloring outside the lines in a saturated industry. They’re not afraid to let their clients know they don’t abide the status quo. Calling their approach “anti-agency,” OD’s team adheres to a simple M.O.: Break the rules. Think bigger. Get ‘it’ done. Their top priority is always to avoid business-as-usual in favor of sleepless commitment and better results. In the process, they’re forming relationships with both clients and consumers that go deeper than other competitors in their field.

Overdose’s unorthodox approach is garnering them some serious accolades and resulting in rapid expansion. Recently, they were named the Deloitte Fast 500’s Fastest Growing Agency, Magneto’s Digital Experience Partner of the Year, BigCommerce’s Marketing Solutions Partner of the Year, Westpac’s Best of the Best Emerging Business, and more. Four years after their founding, the company employs over 220 commerce professionals with offices and clients in Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, and Singapore, as well as New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Ukraine.

The bedrock of Overdose’s increasingly globalized business, from a creative standpoint, is the experience and expertise of their global team across a wide array of verticals. In the team’s view, a deeper knowledge of both their client’s needs and their clients’ professional universe results in a huge leg up on their competition. OD’s services divisions are designed to make sure clients have the specialists that they need at their disposal.

As winners of the Magento Imagine Excellence award for Best Magento 2 Upgrade, as well as Best Use of Analytics, Overdose has also proven their superior ability with mining data to derive actionable insights. This is accomplished largely through building experiences through data-driven insights. The approach has driven growth and significant ROI for satisfied clients like Samsung, Tupperware, Wilson, and Mark Fisher.

Overdose’s reputation for forward-thinking digital solutions also spills over into excellent ecommerce functionality. In their view, the ability to drive traffic to a company’s site is only a small part of the battle; these days, they are more excited about finding new ways to remove obstacles to customers’ shopping experience. They have a proven record of increasing AOV and conversion rate through superior UX and UI design, including integrating cloud marketing solutions and handling complex migrations from legacy platforms.

Here are some of the advanced techniques that are resulting in big wins for Overdose’s client base:

  • Marketing solutions: Overdose’s data allows them to help draw traffic through an all-encompassing digital strategy that integrates advanced SEO merchandising, email automation solutions, AI solutions, social media campaigns, and much more.
  • Tech solutions: Overdose’s team is using advanced CX to capitalize on trends like use of pay-over-time and alternative payment options, increased customer inquiries, new sales tax liabilities, and increased need for enhanced site search.
  • Crucial partnerships: Overdose is accomplishing its goals with the support of certified tech partners including Adobe/Magento, Big Commerce, and Shopify Plus. This ensures they can provide the best tools to help their clients capitalize on increased traffic.
  • Amazon Pay: According to Overdose’s team, the most exciting recent collaboration is with Amazon Pay. By integrating the payment service in their clients’ checkouts, Overdose is using Pay to help reduce friction in the customers’ shopping experience, helping to increase conversions, build brand trust, and more.

We're huge fans of Amazon Pay. It gives our clients familiar access to Amazon customers and allows them to checkout in an efficient, trusted, and seamless manner. Our clients leveraging Amazon Pay are enjoying a meaningful lift in checkout KPIs.

– Andrew Potkewitz, Director-Global Partnerships & Marketing at Overdose

All of these approaches point back to the company’s commitment to insight over intuition, and eliminating roadblocks between putting a brand in front of customers and achieving tangible results. By covering all the bases for their client throughout this journey, Overdose is demonstrating to more and more satisfied clients that they love the businesses and people they work for as much as their own.

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