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Use the Alexa app on your phone, an Echo Auto, or Alexa-enabled device in your car for a safe and simple way to fill up your tank, made possible by Amazon Pay. *
*Available at select stations nationwide

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Available at select stations nationwide.

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Pay for Gas the smart way

Touch-free payments
No need to wrestle with the keypad at the pump. With voice, all your payments happen inside your car, with the Alexa tech you know and trust.
Secure payment method
Swiping your card and remembering your billing zip code is so last year. Now, with Amazon Pay, it’s all stored safely in your Amazon account so you don’t have to worry about it!
Fast pit stops
With a streamlined payment process, you can get back on the road and get moving more quickly.

Save time with Alexa Pay for Gas

Voice-powered payments at the pump

How it works

3 simple steps to pay hands-free


Say “Alexa, pay for gas”
After pulling up to the pump at the gas station, you can connect with Alexa and Amazon Pay in a variety of ways: open the Alexa app on your phone, or use an Alexa-enabled device in your car like Echo Auto or Echo Buds, a vehicle with Alexa, or a variety of third-party products with Alexa Built-in to ask “Alexa, pay for gas.”


Activate the pump
Follow Alexa’s prompts to say which pump number you are using, confirm the gas station you’re at, and when you’re ready to activate the pump.


Fill and go
Once the pump is activated, just fill your tank and get back on the road. Payment is handled automatically. Amazon Pay makes it that easy.

Have questions?

Pay for Gas explained

You can use this feature in vehicles with Alexa, through the Alexa app on your Android or Apple phone, and with any Alexa-enabled, on-the-go device that connects to the Alexa app, including Echo Auto, Echo Buds, and a variety of third-party products with Alexa Built-in. While the Amazon Shopping app also features Alexa, “Alexa, pay for gas” is only available on the Alexa app.

The Alexa app is available on iOS 11.0+ from Apple App Store and Android 6.0+ from Google Play. Install the app and select “open”. To engage Alexa from the app, simply say “Alexa.”

You can currently use Alexa at Exxon and Mobil gas stations across the US. Please check back in as gas brands will continue to add this feature.

You don’t need to tell Alexa your fuel grade. You can select it the way you normally would at the pump.

No, the “Alexa, pay for gas” feature is not available on Echo devices built for at-home use, including Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot. These devices don’t support the location services that are required for Alexa to activate the correct pump and enable payment.

No, it isn’t possible for Alexa to stop the fuel pump based on a certain dollar amount. However, you can manually stop the pump at the desired amount.

No, at this time it isn’t possible to purchase additional items at the station through Alexa.

If the credit card set as your default Amazon payment method provides gas rewards, then you will earn rewards the same way you would if you were using that card to buy gas directly.

At this time, you will not be able to earn any gas brand reward points when you use Alexa to purchase gas.

“Alexa, pay for gas” uses the default payment option set in your Amazon account. If you want to change the card that you use as your default, go to your payment options in your Amazon account. First, sign in, then click the card you wish to select as your default payment method. Click on the “set as default” option. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click on “update” to change your setting.

It works with a variety of credit and debit cards. However, the feature will not work with the Amazon Store Card, Amazon Prime Store Card, or Amazon Gift Cards.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to switch cards after you’ve started fueling.

If you require a receipt, you can get a printed one at the pump or from the station’s cashier.

Yes, transactions using “Alexa, pay for gas” can be viewed in your Orders in your Amazon account.

To limit access, you can use a voice code, which requires a four-digit confirmation code to be shared with Alexa before a purchase can be completed. If you already have a voice code set up with Alexa, it will automatically work with “Alexa, pay for gas.” If you want to create a new voice code, open the Alexa app, go to Account Settings > Voice Purchasing. There, you can enable voice code and enter a four-digit confirmation number.

Transactions for “Alexa, pay for gas” are made through Amazon Pay, using the information securely stored in your Amazon account.

To provide “Alexa, pay for gas,” Amazon Pay shares what information is required by participating gas stations to complete and support the transaction. This includes the name and email address associated with the Amazon account, the station location, and some payment information, including the credit card type and the last four digits of your card number. We don’t share your full credit card, debit card, or bank account number, nor do we share any other Amazon account information.

Location services are required for Alexa to activate the correct pump and enable payment.

A successful pre-authorization in the amount of $1 is required to validate your card. It isn’t a charge, but it may appear on your statement while the pre-authorization is still active. Pre-authorization allows the gas station to confirm that a card will accept charges before placing an order, helping prevent fraudulent transactions. Depending on your card issuer’s policy, the $1 pre-authorization is placed on a temporary hold and is typically released within a few days.

The health and safety of station employees, consumers, and communities remains the highest priority. We’re asking station operators to more frequently clean and sanitize sites of contact — from fuel nozzles to store countertops to door handles. We also recommend using “Alexa, pay for gas” at the pump to reduce contact with surfaces such as the PIN pad.

“Alexa, pay for gas” is currently available only at select participating gas stations (Exxon and Mobil currently). If you’re using the Alexa app or have a device that connects to the Alexa app, make sure your phone’s location services are turned on and that the Alexa app has permission to access your location. For cars with Alexa Built-in, consult the owner’s manual for location services connectivity.

If you’re using the Alexa app or have devices that connect to the Alexa app, verify that “purchase by voice” is turned on. Within the Alexa app, go to Settings > Account Settings > Voice Purchasing and switch on the feature.

In some instances, your bank may ask you to validate the transaction before Alexa can use your card. Once you’ve confirmed the transaction with your bank, Alexa should be able to activate the pump.